Canadian food banks anticipating higher usage this year

One in seven Canadians are “food insecure” and that will likely rise as consumers grapple with higher grocery prices, inflation and taxes.

A survey of 1,300 non-profit agencies late last year contains some sobering statistics, according to Jen McGlashen, a director with Second Harvest, a non-profit food agency. She notes that 30 per cent more food programs will be added by charities this year. In addition, the amount of time spent distributing  food will increase from 3.7 to 4.1 days a week. Meeting that demand will result in an estimated $94 million shortfall in overall budgets.

McGlashen also expects a 60% increase in people using the food bank this year. That number is added on to last year’s user increase of 134%

McGlashen is concerned that more people will be forced into using food banks.

The three components of food security are availability (having sufficient quantities of appropriate food available); access (having adequate income or other resources to access food), and utilization/consumption (having adequate dietary intake and the ability to absorb and use nutrients in the body).


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