City of Melville approves an interim capital and operating budget for 2023

The City of Melville’s capital and operating budget for this year has been approved, but on an interim basis.

The Budget is a tight one that doesn’t have much new spending, as it’s focused on finishing the landfill and lagoon projects, while Lift Station #1 has been built.

As a consequence of little new spending, other projects, from paving of certain streets to vehicle maintenance, have been deferred to next year.

Acting City Manager Chris Bruce says the budget process started later than normal, due to staffing changes within the City Finance Department, and they needed to have it in place to continue operating.

Bruce said there will be a tax increase, but by how much is unknown, until the third-party review is complete.

Among this year’s approved utility rates, the base water rate is $55.60; the base sewer rate is is $15.80; and a solid waste and recycling fee for residential users is $28.89.

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