Saskatchewan RCMP remind drivers to use working headlights properly

Twenty-three Saskatchewan drivers were ticketed for misuse of their headlights in December.

The RCMP wants to remind drivers of the set of rules the Traffic Safety Act has when it comes to headlights.

Driving with one headlight or taillight is illegal and ask that burnt out lights be replaced as soon as possible.

The most important time to use headlights is 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes after sunrise the next day. Headlights must also be used in situations where the driver’s vision is impaired, like fog, rain, and snow. The Traffic Safety Act also states that high beams are mandatory in the dark but must be switched to low beams when passing or following another vehicle.

They remind the public that vehicle speed is also factored in when it comes to headlight safety. Maintaining a speed that allows reaction time for any obstacles in front of the vehicle prevents the motorist from overdriving the headlights.


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