Saskatchewan Environmental Society disapproves of Saskatchewan First Act

The Saskatchewan Environmental Society has expressed their disapproval of the Saskatchewan First Act and the effect it would have on the environment in the province. According to the members of the SES, any provincial progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions will be prevented if communication with the federal government is limited.

On December 15th the society had sent a letter to the provincial government and has recently received a response from the environment minister. SES member Peter Prebble says the response was not an attempt for cooperation, rather a disagreement with the society’s claim that the province does not have a plan to cut emissions. Prebble says the Saskatchewan Environmental Society is aware of the province’s plan to slow greenhouse gas emissions, but they believe it isn’t ambitious enough to keep up with the rest of the country.

Board member Glenn Wright says the province isn’t being very proactive when it comes to improving the environment, and it’s evident, as Saskatchewan is one of the only places in North America with a tax on electric vehicles. Saskatchewan also ranked last in the country on the 2022 Canadian Energy Efficiency Scorecard.


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