RCMP release more information regarding homicide investigation in the Stockholm/Esterhazy area

Saskatchewan RCMP released more information from Friday’s homicide in the Esterhazy/Stockholm area.

The victim is a 34-year-old man from the R.M. of Fertile Belt. RCMP say the other victim, a woman, has been released from hospital.

RCMP continue to follow up on tips received after the release of 3 suspect sketches, as well as conducting interviews, and collecting and analyzing evidence and surveillance footage.

They continue to encourage the public to provide information related to this case by calling 310-RCMP or to Crime Stoppers.

The Mounties also responded to several inquires as to why a dangerous person alert was not issued.

Below is the RCMP’s response.

“The Saskatchewan RCMP’s decision to issue a civil emergency alert for a dangerous person is situationally based. Not every homicide or serious investigation will result in an emergency alert being issued. Specific criteria – like that for an AMBER Alert – are challenging to define, because every situation and investigation is unique and varies greatly. Generally speaking, investigators will consider if there is an imminent ability, intent and means for someone to cause serious/significant bodily harm or death to others. We also must provide instructions for the public to act upon (example: shelter in place). These considerations and discussions are fluid and ongoing during the course of an investigation and unfolding incident. Reassessments occur on an ongoing basis as circumstances change and investigations continue.

When the February 10, 2023 homicide occurred in the Stockholm/Esterhazy area, specific suspect information nor vehicle descriptions were available. Given these factors, we have to consider: where would an emergency alert be issued and what would we ask the public to look for? Police officers physically attended individual residences in the vicinity of this incident shortly after it occurred to confirm the wellbeing of others in the area and notify them about the incident. A media release was issued publicly at 8:23 a.m. February 10. As soon as the suspect sketches were prepared, they were released to our news partners and shared with the public on February 12.”

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