Former USask student gets 2015 research paper published

A former student from the University of Saskatchewan is finally getting a research paper from 2015 published.

Kimberly Gilmour’s report is called “Cold spots and cold moments”, and it outlines the environmental processes that are not occurring because of shorter and warmer winters in the province.

Gilmour says warmer weather during the winter has caused decreased amounts of snowpack, increased numbers of freeze-thaw cycles in the soil in prairie wetlands and is disrupting wetlands’ abilities to pull excess nitrogen from the air.

Excess levels of nitrogen in the environment can lead to increased algae growth. Dead algae need oxygen to decompose, leaving fish and other organisms with less oxygen, causing them to die.

Gilmour adds that constructed ecosystems, or storm water ponds, are a step in the right direction to compensate for the nitrogen that natural wetlands are unable to get rid of.

The City of Saskatoon has built 31 wet storm ponds, 10 dry ponds, and 6 more are planned for construction over the next four years.


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