SaskPower continues to field questions regarding Small Modular Reactors

SaskPower is fielding many questions about nuclear power in its in person and virtual sessions on whether or not Small Modular Reactors should be one of the choices for the province’s green energy options.

The final decision won’t be made until 2030.

Spokesperson Scott McGregor, says there are a few different categories that come up the most often in these sessions.

They are whether it is safe, how it will affect the water in any site that might be chosen, what happens to the waste and what will the economic benefits be.

When it comes to safety,  McGregor explains that nuclear power is federally regulated, and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission is internationally respected as one of the most effective regulators in the world, so Canada has one of the tightest regulatory environments.

As well, both Ontario and New Brunswick have nuclear power and have had no threats to public safety.

It is down to two sites that SaskPower is looking at, in the Estevan and Elbow areas.

It could end up being two sites in one of the areas or one in each, and then from there, more in depth analysis will lead to a decision for the final host site, if the decision is made to go ahead.


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