Sask. Question Period: Opposition NDP targets Sask. Party’s record on job growth, Premier’s record

The Official Opposition Leader targeted the Premier’s record during Question Period today (Tues).

Carla Beck says the province has been last in job growth and economic growth since the Premier came into office five years ago.

Premier Scott Moe responded that there was a two year pandemic and a year of generational drought where the agricultural industry’s GDP was down about 38 per cent. He explained that had agriculture remained at zero per cent in 2021, the GDP of the province would have increased three per cent.

Moe said, “The fact of the matter is what we see here is the Leader of the Opposition and the NDP essentially blaming agriculture and blaming farmers, using their numbers across the board.”

Beck questioned why, when the cost of living is increasing and affordability is an issue for residents, the plan is for another power rate hike next month.

The NDP is urging the government to halt the four per cent hike.

Beck told the Premier she met a man in his seventies recently who felt a sense of pride in being able to pay his bills on time, but with the recent utility bill hikes and another power rate hike on the way, he can’t keep up anymore and is looking for a second job.

She suggests the utility rates are being raised, forcing residents to pay for what she calls the government’s mismanagement, giving the example of the Global Transportation Hub and the Regina Bypass.

Premier Scott Moe replied that Saskatchewan’s utility rates are among the lowest in the country as are the province’s insurance rates and he added that a report from RBC forecasts the province’s GDP growth will be the strongest in the country.


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