University of Regina funding debated during Question Period

Faculties and administration at the University of Regina have been instructed to cut their budgets by up to seven per cent, which the Official Opposition brought up during yesterday’s (Thurs) Question Period.

House Leader Nicole Saurer suggested that under funding of education is one of the reasons why Saskatchewan is experiencing a shortage of skilled workers.
Advanced Education Minister Gord Wyant replied that a number of years ago, the government signed a funding agreement with post-secondary institutions to provide stable and predictable funding, and at the time, they spoke highly and favourably about the work that was done.
He noted that when the NDP was in government, that predictable funding wasn’t available.
As well, Wyant said, in the first two years of the funding agreement, there was additional money provided for strategic investments to ensure the future financial viability of these institutions.
Saurer responded that stable under funding is still under funding.

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