Joint Federal-Provincial funding announced for 21 infrastructure projects across Saskatchewan

The federal and provincial governments have announced more than 42 million dollars in funding, to support 21 infrastructure projects across Saskatchewan.

Several rural municipalities and communities in our listening area will benefit, including the village of Grayson, with just over $105,000 in federal-provincial funding going to support the replacement of the metal roof on the local skating rink.

The R.M. of Hudson Bay will receive $500,000 in joint funding, to replace the existing concrete-on-timber bridge on Township Road 454-A.

The R.M. of Keys will receive $250,000 apiece, for the replacement of the Gazdewich and Red Bin Road Bridges.

The R.M. of Preeceville will get $500,000, to support the replacement of the Ebel Bridge.

The R.M.of Orkney will get $500,000 to replace the timber bridge on Township Road 275, and a further $172,500 for the replacement of the Jedburgh Grid Bridge.

Meanwhile, the R.M. of Porcupine will receive $500,000 to help fund the replacement of the Copeau (Reed) Bridge.

In all, Ottawa is providing just over 20.1 million dollars in funding for these 21 infrastructure projects, while the province is contributing just shy of 22 million dollars.

In some cases, the federal funding will be contingent on all requirements being fulfilled, related to consultation with Indigenous groups.

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