Manitoba RCMP provide another update into Thursday’s Serious crash near Carberry

The scene on Highway 1 at Highway 5 was cleared at 2:25 am and the highway was re-opened.

With the assistance of Shared Health Manitoba, the 10 people injured in this collision have been identified.

Anyone else who was on this bus is presumed to be deceased and the deceased have not been individually identified at this time.

The age range of those in the bus was 58-88 years old. In total, there were 19 females and 6 males on the bus. Of the survivors, 6 are female and 4 are male.

We have obtained video footage of the collision from the semi-trailer which indicates that the bus entered the roadway where the truck had the right of way. Extensive analysis is being done on the video before any further determinations are made. We have seized the bus and the semi-truck. Both have been secured and further analysis will take place.

We are determining whether the semi had an event data recorder that will help us ascertain a number of critical pieces of information, such as speed, exact coordinates, and mechanical status.

Investigators have taken witness statements from passing motorists. Those statements corroborate what is seen on the video.

We have spoken with the driver of the semi-truck but we have not spoken with the driver of the bus as he is still being treated in hospital.

The investigation is ongoing and we will continue to provide updates when possible.

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