Grasshoppers Emerging in Manitoba

High levels of grasshopper nymphs are being noticed in some areas. There were reports of grasshopper
control this past week in pastures, canola, ditches and field margins.
Cutworms were still an issue in some fields, with control reported in dry beans, canola, wheat, oats and
Larvae of armyworms are being found in some fields of cereals and forage grasses in the Interlake and
Eastern regions. A field of fall rye and a field of wheat, both well above the economic threshold, were
sprayed for armyworms in the Interlake.
Alfalfa weevil and their feeding are being noticed in some alfalfa fields. Notching from pea leaf weevil is
quite evident in some fields of peas in the Northwest.
Green cloverworm is being noticed in soybeans and dry beans.
Foliar insecticide applications for flea beetles are decreasing as canola is advancing beyond the
susceptible stages.
Herbicide applications are winding down except where second pass Liberty will be applied. Dry conditions
have advanced crop and weed growth out of stage for herbicide applications. Hot dry conditions during
spraying decreased crop tolerance but generally crops are recovering. Rain is needed across the province
to help stressed crops and increase their competiveness against weeds.

(Government of Manitoba news release)

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