How to Survive the Germs Your Kiddos Bring Home

That’s actually a question, not a statement! Help please! To all of the parents out there who are past the daycare and elementary school stage, when does it end? I have been sick since the beginning of December. No word of a lie. And it’s not for lack of washing hands, or sanitizing down everything in my house all of the time, regardless of what my eldest sister thinks.

Luckily my kiddos get better way faster than I do, thank goodness. They bring home a cold, they get better in a week. I catch that cold, and it morphs into a lung infection, the never ending cough from hell, and sleepless nights. It’s a whole thing.

We were supposed to go to Edmonton last week to visit family. Instead we spent it in our house, at least having fun playing with Lego, but also with pink eye. And I did everything possible to keep it contained to the 3 year old. EVERYTHING! But sure enough, mom has to get it too. I’d share pictures, but I don’t think you want to see any of that. And again, luckily my 3 year old didn’t have it nearly as bad as me. So there’s lots of blessings. Look at me being a positive Penelope.

If you have actually read to the bottom of this blog, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Text me at 306-783-8622 and tell me at what age do your kids have to be when the germs lessen, and the whole household isn’t sick all of the time. Because right now, especially the 3 year old, they are little, adorable, perfect, “petri dishes of pestilence!”
-Tonya Cherry-

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