Winter Storm Watch

Well that was a bit of snow, wasn’t it! I didn’t have to leave my house on the weekend, so all Sunday, I just got to enjoy how pretty the snowfall was. It looked like we were in a snow globe. I know in reality, it wasn’t as nice outside of the house and on the roads. Hopefully you made it where you were going safely today. And hopefully you aren’t still shoveling out.

Kelvin from Sheho texted me his picture this morning.

Willem from Buchanan texted in these photos. He said they got 7″ of snow.

A listener from Wawota texted at 10:53am and wrote, “we got 18″ of snow or more. My husband has been out since 8:00am using snow blower, tough going he said, and we only have short driveway.”

And this was Tantallon this morning.

Thanks for all of the photos and messages that came in during the GX94 Midday Show today. -Tonya Cherry-

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