Budget day in Manitoba expected to change several taxes, credits and refunds

Manitoba’s NDP government is set to introduce its first budget today since winning last October’s election.

The fiscal plan is expected to include rebates on electric vehicles, a bigger tax credit for fertility treatments, and free prescription birth control — all of which were NDP campaign promises.

The budget is also extending the fuel-tax holiday that started on Jan. 1

Premier Wab Kinew told CTV this morning the 14-cent-a-litre fuel tax will be suspended for three months longer than its initial end date of June 30.

Some people will be paying more under the new fiscal plan.

A government source tells The Canadian Press that the education property tax and income taxes will be changed so that high-income earners and people with higher-value properties will pay more.

The budget is also expected to see a big increase in health-care spending, helped in part by a recent boost in federal transfer payments.

Manitoba has run deficits in every year but two since 2009, and the NDP has promised to balance the budget within its first term.

At the same time, it has also promised to boost funding to municipalities, schools and health-care workers.

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