Size Matters! – Episode 1

The new coffee machine at work has been a game changer for my morning routine. The coffee it brews is absolutely delicious and has helped me power through the workday with ease. However, there’s just one small problem – finding the right size of mug!

I’m used to filling up a really big mug to the brim with coffee, getting my day started with a jolt of caffeine. But this new coffee maker only pours out 8oz at a time. Who drinks just 8oz a cup anymore?!! I feel coffee shamed by this tiny serving size. I need my big mug to get me through the day! It’s like my morning routine has been thrown off balance by this small cup size.

So I’ve been on a mission to find a new mug that will be the perfect size. So stay tuned (if you’re that bored at work and need something to read and watch). And until I find THE mug, I’ll just have to deal with this inadequate serving size and remember with fondness the days when I could fill up my giant mug with no shame. -Tonya Cherry-

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