Driving in a City

I have a secret that I don’t think I have ever told you before. I HATE driving in cities. I grew up in Yorkton, learned to drive here, I DON’T drive in Regina, or Saskatoon if at all possible. But I have to go to Regina tomorrow.

The thought of navigating through busy streets, merging onto a highway, and finding parking in a city makes me want to throw up. I’m used to the quiet, familiar roads of my small city (even though really, it’s a town) where I know every turn and can easily get from point A to point B without any stress.

At least driving now is WAY easier than back in the day when it was a map on your lap. Now Siri can gently talk me through where I am going and it won’t be that bad. I know that. Can you tell I am talking myself up for it. Wish me luck! #mysecret #knowmebetternow #cryinginside

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