Manitoba Government Invests 3.8 Million Into Main Street Reconstruction in Dauphin

The Manitoba Government has made a multimillion-dollar investment in Dauphin.

The Government announced today that they are pouring 3.8 million dollars into Main Street south in the city.

This project will enhance economic development by improving access to businesses along the street.

The project, which focuses on road widening and dividing the highway, as well as expanded and improved drainage pools, is a testament to the Government’s commitment to the community’s safety and convenience.

These improvements will help reduce seasonal flooding, ensuring a more secure and comfortable living environment for the residents.

Municipal and Northern Relations Minister Ian Bushie states the project initially began in October 2023, and will wrap up this upcoming October.

The 1.7-kilometre project covers a section of Provincial Trunk Highway 5A from Whitmore Avenue south to Triangle Road and includes connections to service roads.

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