Spring on the Prairies

“Mom, why did it snow after winter?” That was the question from my 6 year old this morning when he looked out the window. Poor sweet summer child. He’s still learning that winter on the prairies comes again, and again, and again.

And even when you think it’s all done for the season, it hits again. I mean wasn’t I just blogging the other day about taking my 3 year old out for the first bike ride of the season. This is what the sky looked like that day. Beautiful!

And this is what our deck looked like this morning. I knew we should have put away the bubble making toys when we were done playing with them! I’m pretty sure this happens every spring, we get one more snowfall, and really we could have gotten way more, at least we got less than some areas.

But even when we know it’s bound to happen, it still hurts a little every time we get that final snowfall in the Spring.

-Tonya Cherry-

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