We went camping this weekend (I feel like you are going to be hearing me talking and writing a lot about camping this summer). It was beautiful, cold but I love being outside. Other than the ticks!

Ugh, ticks—the bane of every outdoor enthusiast’s existence. These parasitic pests are more than just gross; they’re downright horrifying. Tiny, sneaky, and virtually indestructible, ticks latch onto your skin, burrow in, and feast on your blood like unwelcome vampires. And don’t get me started on the diseases they carry—Lyme disease is just the tip of the iceberg! Removing a tick is a delicate and thoroughly unpleasant task. Because, no matter what anyone tells you, there is conflicting instructions on the internet.

This is what one site said: First, gather fine-tipped tweezers (not your fingers!). Grip the tick as close to the skin’s surface as possible. Slowly, steadily pull upward without twisting or jerking. Disinfect the bite area and your hands afterward, because who knows what bacteria-laden secrets these vile creatures hold.

I hate them! My kiddos were playing in their little tent and they called me over saying they had found a spider. Nope, it was a tick. Actually two different ticks found their way into their little hideout. Then my 4 year old had one crawling in his hair, which luckily I caught. And getting ready for bed the 2nd night, the 4 year old had a tick on his stomach and my husband had one on his back! Have I said yet that I hate them? GROSS!

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