The Magic Behind the Mic: Inside Sask Ag Today’s Live Radio Broadcast from Canada’s Farm Show

Canada’s Farm Show in Regina drawing enthusiasts, professionals, and innovators from all around together. And if you aren’t able to be at the show in person, GX94 and CKRM bring it all to you LIVE with Sask Ag Today. At the heart of this excitement are GX94’s Doug Falconer and CKRM’s Ryan Young.

Imagine the scene: an expansive set-up, technicians and on-air talent collaborate in a bustling symphony of wires, mics, and monitors. And that’s just down at the show. Behind the scenes back at the radio stations, the PDs/APDs/board ops/technicians are all in communication bringing the show to the air waves. Before the first words are even spoken on-air, weeks of meticulous planning have taken place.

Falconer and Young’s shows are finely tuned and brought together by our boss who is all seeing and all knowing. Head technicians like Kyle and Ryan make sure everything is lined up beforehand and Curtis and Carter are crucial men on the ground the week of. I actually have no idea how much goes into the technically side of planning an event like this, I’m slightly in awe of all of our techs at Harvard Media.

A significant part of the magic lies in Doug and Ryan’s chemistry. Their expertise allow them to pivot smoothly between segments and interviews on their live show. Doug Falconer and Ryan Young have worked together for years, first at GX94 where Doug trained Ryan, and now collaborating with Sask Ag Today with both of them as Ag Directors.

By the time each broadcast is completed, there is a palpable sense of accomplishment. The team’s collective efforts culminate in rich, engaging content that resonates with both on-site participants and remote listeners. In the end, bringing a live radio broadcast to life from Canada’s Farm Show is an immense but rewarding challenge.

It’s a testament to the power of teamwork, meticulous planning, and cutting-edge technology. We will bring you the show again tomorrow, so tune in at 12:11pm on GX94 and CKRM.

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