Canada’s Farm Show moving to March in 2025

Canada’s Farm Show has been held in June for the last 46 years, but after this year it will be moving a few months back, starting next year.

It was announced on Tuesday the annual three-day event, formerly known as Canada’s Farm Progress Show, would move to March.

“We did a lot of research, we talked to a lot of industry leaders, we talked to farmers, we talked to people who are a part of our show, and its a really important change, we need to re-invigorate the show and move it to a time period where we feel we’re going to be able to attract farmers and also bring in under-represented industries.” explained Roberta Engel, acting President and CEO of the Regina Exhibition Association Limited (REAL) of the rationale behind the decision.

Engel doesn’t believe the unpredictable weather in March will deter farmers from attending the show.

“No snowstorm will stop us and so I’m not worried about the weather at all and given that it’s an indoor show, I think it will be…a great success.”

Changes to the typical farming cycle was cited as another reason for moving the show back three months.

“Back in the day, when (the) farm show was happening and seeding stopped, it was a great time for farmers to get out of the field and with farm cycles changing this is the right time for them and March is just before they really hit their busy season of seeding, so it’ll be really good for them.”

She hinted at other changes coming to the show next year but didn’t tell reporters during Tuesday’s announcement, but did say more details will be shared “over the next days, weeks, and months.” According to REAL’s website, Canada’s Farm Show “will feature hands-on learning opportunities, a vast tradeshow, and entertainment, perfectly timed to energize farmers and the ag community as they prepare to return to the field.”

When asked if the decision was also a result of Ag in Motion being one month away, Engel said “one could perceive it to be that way, but it really truly is about making the show a great show for farmers to want to attend.”

“I think there is room in our industry for Crop Production (Show) in January, our in March, and then AIM (Ag in Motion) in July and so it’s providing opportunities for farmers to attend all three shows that are going to get different content and different information to all three shows.” Engel added.

Canada’s Farm Show in 2025 will be held March 18-20.

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