Major thunderstorm late Saturday afternoon causes flooding in Yorkton

Thunderstorm activity in the Yorkton area late Saturday afternoon brought heavy rain in a hurry.

Reports indicate as much as three-quarters of an inch of rain fell in a very short amount of time in some areas.

Within Yorkton, some roadways have seen flooding.

Along Broadway Street East toward Dracup Avenue, there was a bit of water collection, but much of that water has drained away.

There was some rainwater collection in the eastbound lane of Broadway Street East heading toward Dracup Avenue, but not as much as one block further north on Smith Street East.

However, the intersection of Smith Street East and Dracup saw heavier flooding, with water almost knee-high.

Flooding occurred on 8th Avenue North, between Smith and Broadway Streets.
The view from ground level at the intersection of Smith Street East and Dracup Avenue, where more flooding occurred.
The view of Smith and Dracup from the GX94/Cruz FM Studio.

Be cautious if you are on the road, and if you can, avoid any areas where rainwater may have collected.

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