A Warm Surprise in the Studio!

Hey everyone! I have to share this funny moment with you all.

So, I walked into the studio the other day, and wow, it felt like I’d just stepped into a sauna, humidity at an all-time high! I was feeling all tropical! Seriously, it was like a mini jungle in here. I half-expected a parrot to swoop in any second! Turns out, someone left the humidifier cranked up to the max. Whoopsie!

Don’t worry, the building has some pretty strong A/C, so we managed to get it back to normal, but it certainly made for an interesting start to the day.


Who left the humidifier on full blast? It’s so humid in here! -Olivia . . . #workplacehumor #humidifier #humid #summeroffice #hotinhere

♬ Why are you running – Rose Mary

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