Look at Us Playing Nice!

You can’t be on the road as much as we are with other radio stations and not become friends. Especially when you spend, usually, 3 – 12 hour days in a row together, selling lottery tickets for great communities in Saskatchewan. Today we are in Yorkton, with the Yorkton Exhibition Lottery. We are down here at the Gallagher Centre. If you come down tomorrow or Saturday you’ll get to see Danny Ismond. Today I’m here with (from left to right) Reader, who I have been friends with and worked with since I started at GX94, way back in 2007. Jason Lee, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a few times now, in LeRoy, Rocanville, and here in Yorkton. I love hearing stories about his kiddos, and debating over our taste in country songs. And Cody Glydon, who is always great for a classic “Dad” joke. Come on down and get your ticket or give us a call at 1-866-783-4800. LR23-0039

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