SpaceX staff in Saskatchewan to collect debris found on farmer’s field

Two men with SpaceX have descended on a Saskatchewan farm to retrieve cosmic junk that fell earlier this year from one of its spacecraft.

They pulled up to the farm near Ituna in a moving truck then lugged the debris into the back.

The men didn’t give their names but confirmed they work for SpaceX, a company founded by entrepreneur Elon Musk.

They didn’t say why the pieces failed to burn up before they slammed into the field.

They also didn’t say where they were taking the wreckage and what SpaceX  plans to do with it. 

The retrieval comes months after farmer Barry Sawchuk found the debris and was contacted by the company for its return.

Sawchuk says SpaceX has paid him an undisclosed amount of money to get the debris back.

He says he plans to use the money to help fund a new rink in the community northeast of Regina. 

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